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November 13th 2018

UW Radiation Therapists Team receives UWMC’s Fall 2018 UW Medicine Cares Award!

Congratulations to the Radiation Therapists Team – Erin Donohoe, Rachel Jacobs and Samantha Tran, for receiving one of UWMC’s Fall 2018 UW Medicine Cares Award!

The UW Medicine Cares Award is based on UW Medicine’s Service Culture Guidelines, which are: respect privacy and confidentiality; communicate effectively; conduct myself professionally; be accountable; be committed to my colleagues and to UW Medicine. Erin, Rachel and Sam were nominated by our patient for their outstanding patient care and their extraordinary work to deliver the safest treatment while maintaining a compassionate welcoming environment for our patients.

Our patients commented, “I want to commend and identify some true caring professionals that that took care of me through my 33 sessions of radiation. I was under the care of the ALKI team while going through treatment; the professionalism, understanding, and true care of a patient’s needs were apparent every day I was being cared for by these professionals. They were always there with encouragement, help and most of all understanding to the plight of the patient going through the radiation ordeal. Always offering anything that would make the experience that much more bearable. I always had the 1230 time slot so please identify those amazing “RADY Ladies” for their outstanding patient care, true professionalism and being there for so many people in their time of need. They are what make the UW Med Center one of the finest institutions in the country. They do make a difference for many people.”

The “Rady Ladies” Sam, Erin and Rachel represent all UWMC Radiation therapists and the wonderful work they do! Thank you for considering these wonderful UWMC employees for UW Medicine Cares Award!