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Medical Physics Residency

The Medical Physics Residency Program at the University of Washington (UW) is a two-year clinical education program in therapy physics. Residents have a minimum 4000 hours of clinical training with 12 rotations, each of which are 1-4 months long. This program is CAMPEP accredited. There are 2 residents per year and each will get on-on-one mentorship from our wonderful Radiation Oncology faculty.

Medical Physics Residency Table of Contents

Residency Program Goals

The goal of our Medical Physics residency program is to provide the necessary clinical experience, education and training in radiation oncology physics to ensure the following.

  • Residents receive and retain a broad knowledge of clinical medical physics.
  • Residents have mastery of clinical skill set that allow our graduates to function competently, independently and safely
  • Residents successfully pass the  annual oral exam and performance review.

Residency Program Objectives

The objective of our Medical Physics residency program is to deliver the necessary clinical experience in order to graduate residents who are all of the following.

  • Eligible and prepared to achieve ABR certification
  • Knowledgeable in the ethics, legal responsibilities, published standards of practice
  • Competent in clinical duties
  • Confident in communicating, presenting, and teaching medical physics knowledge to a variety of audiences
  • Confident problem solvers, able to learn new skills, apply knowledge in new, innovative ways

Program Features

  • The only residency offering clinical experience with Photons, Electrons, Neutrons, and Protons
  • Pediatric radiation oncology included; International Rotation to India
  • Strong collaborations with Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Bioinformatics Depts.
  • Collaborative educational and research interactions with physicians and MD residents
  • 19 Physics faculty mentors, 22 Physician faculty
  • Support to attend annual conference; personal reference library; full health benefits

Program Leadership

Medical Physics Residents

Each year, as one group of successful Residents graduates, a new group of students begin their Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency journey here at The UW Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology.