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Alan Kalet, PhD

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: University of Washington

Graduate School: University of Washington

Selected Publications from a Total of 20:

Xiao Chang, H. Harold Li, Alan Kalet, Deshan Yang, Development and validation of a Bayesian net-work method to detect external beam radiation therapy physician order errors. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics; 2019

Alan M. Kalet, Ning Cao, Wade P. Smith, Lori Young, Landon Wootton, Rob Stewart, Christine L. Fang, Janice Kim, Tony Horton, Juergen Meyer, Accuracy and stability of deep inspiration breath hold in gated breast radiotherapy – a comparison of two tracking and guidance systems. Physica Medica (60),174-181,; 2019

Samuel M.H. Luk, Juergen Meyer, Lori A Young, Ning Cao, Eric C. Ford, Mark H. Phillips, Alan M. Kalet, Characterization of a Bayesian network based radiotherapy plan verification model, Med. Phys. 46(5),2006-2014, (accepted March 19); (2019)

Alan M. Kalet, Samuel M.H. Luk, Mark H. Phillips, Quality Assurance Tasks and Tools: The Many Roles of Machine Learning, Med. Phys.; 2019
– invited manuscript for special issue on machine learning in medical physics

Olga Gopan, Wade P Smith, Alexei V. Chvetsov, Kristi R. G. Hendrickson, Alan M Kalet, Minsun Kim, Matthew J Nyflot, Mark Phillips, Lori Young, Avrey Novak, Jing Zeng, Eric C. Ford, Utilizing simulated errors in radiotherapy plans to quantify the effectiveness of the physics plan review, Med.Phys.45(12), 5359-5365,, 2018

Kim, A., Kalet, A.M., Cao, N., Hippe, D.S., Fang, L.C., Young, L., Meyer, J., Lang, E.V. and Mayr, N.A. Effects of preparatory coaching and home practice for deep inspiration breath hold on cardiac dose for left breast radiation therapy Clinical Oncology, (2018) doi: 10.1016/j.clon.2018.04.009.

Lori Young, Landon S. Wootton, Alan M. Kalet, Olga Gopan, Samuel Day, Michael Banitt, Jay J. Liao, Dosimetric effects of bolus and lens shielding in treating ocular lymphomas with low energy electrons. Medical Dosimetry (2018)

Kalet, A. M., Doctor, J. N., Gennari, J. H. and Phillips, M. H., Developing Bayesian networks from a dependency-layered ontology: a proof-of-concept in radiation oncology. Med. Phys.44 (8),4350-4359 doi:10.1002/mp.12340, 2017

Kalet, A.M., Richardson, H.L., Nikolaisen, D.A., Cao, N., Lavilla, M.A., Dempsey, C., Meyer, J., Koh, W.J. and Russell, K.J., Dosimetric comparison of single-beam multi-arc and two-beam multi-arc VMAT optimization in the Monaco treatment planning system, Medical Dosimetry 42 (2), 2017

Meyer, J., Nyflot, M.J., Smith, W.P., Wootton, L.S., Young, L., Yang, F., Kim, M., Hendrickson, K.R.,Ford, E., Kalet, A.M. and Cao, N., Electron Beam Energy QA a Note on Measurement Tolerances, JACMP 17 (2), 2016

Bojechko, C., Phillps, M., Kalet, A. and Ford, E.C., A Quantification of the Effectiveness of EPID Dosimetry and Software-Based Plan Verification Systems in Detecting Incidents in Radiotherapy Med.Phys. 42 (9), 5363-5369, 2015

Kalet, A.M., Gennari, J.H., Ford, E.C. and Phillips, M.H., Bayesian network models for error detection in radiotherapy plans. Phys. Med. Biol., 60, 2735, 2015

Kalet, A.M., Sandison, G.A., Phillips, M.H. and Parvathaneni, U., Validation of the Pinnacle 3 photon convolution-superposition algorithm applied to fast neutron beams. J Appl Clin Med Phys 14 (6), 2013.

Kalet, A., Sandison, G., Wu, H. and Schmitz, R., A state-based probabilistic model for tumor respi-
ratory motion prediction, Phys. Med. Biol. 55 7615, 2010.

Research Interests

  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Design, Development, and Deployment of Informatics Applications
  • Radiation Oncology Knowledge Representation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance

Clinical interests

  • Clinical informatics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Surface imaging in DIBH radiotherapy

Education Involvement

  • Mentor of advanced treatment planning rotation