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Andrew Barbour MD, PhD


Andrew Barbour, MD, PhD grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and obtained a PhD in fisheries ecology and management with a focus on statistical modeling. As a medical student, he focused his research on immune based therapies, specifically using CAR-T cells for treatment of glioblastoma, and developing immunologically silent tumor implantation in mouse models. He also developed an interest in how to better use opiates for symptom palliation, the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and healthcare leadership. His hobbies include fishing, golf, cooking & exploring restaurants, wine & whiskey, and travel.


Education and Training

College: Duke University, Durham, NC; Biology

Graduate School: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL; PhD Marine Ecology & Fisheries Management

Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC

Published works

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Disclosed Awards/Honors:

2018 Duke Medical School Eugene Stead Memorial Scholarship
2018 Duke Medical Center Feagin Leadership Scholar
2015 Forbes magazine 30 Under 30 in Healthcare
2015 Aspen Ideas Festival: Spotlight Health Scholar
2013 UF Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Outstanding Dissertation Award & Outstanding PhD Student Award
2012 Florida Outdoor Writers Association Roy Martin Scholarship for Outdoor Communicators
2011 UF Jimmy G. Cheek Graduate Student Medal of Excellence
2010 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship