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Rosanna Yeung, MD



Dr. Yeung has a passion for radiation oncology, and a great interest in learning about different types of cancers and treatment options available.  Dr. Yeung previously practiced at UWMC and SCCA Proton Therapy Center.

Education and Training

Medical Education: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 2010

Residency: University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2015

Fellowship: Vancouver General Hospital, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada 2016

Published Works

Conroy L, Yeung R, Watt E, Quirk S, Long, K, Hudson A, Phan T, Smith W. Evaluation of target and cardiac position during visually-monitored deep inspiration breath hold for breast radiotherapy. Accepted to Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics December 2015.

Yeung R, Conroy L, Long K, Walrath D, Smith W, Hudson A, Phan T. Evaluation of cardiac dose reduction with deep inspiration breath hold in patients with left-sided breast cancer receiving adjuvant radiotherapy. Radiation Oncology. 2015 Sept;10 (1):200.

Conroy L, Yeung R, Quirk S, Phan T, Smith W. Retrospective evaluation of visually monitored deep inspiration breath hold for breast cancer patients using edge detection. Manuscript accepted to IFMBE Proceedings for the 2015 World Congress on Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering.

Yeung R, McConnell Y, Warkentin H, Graham D, Warkentin B, Joseph KJ, Doll CM. Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) vs helical tomotherapy (HT) in concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CRT) for patients with anal canal carcinoma: an analysis of dose distribution and toxicity. Radiation Oncology. 2015 Apr;10 (1):92.

Yeung R, McConnell Y, Roxin R, Banerjee R, MacLean AR, Buie WD, Mulder KE, Vickers MM, Joseph KJ, Doll CM. One versus two cycles of mitomycin C in concurrent chemoradiation for treatment of anal canal carcinoma: an analysis of outcomes and toxicities. Current Oncology. 2014 July;21(3):449-56.

Dhanikula AB, Khalid NM, Lee SD, Yeung R, Risovic V, Wasan KM, Leroux JC. Long circulating lipid nanocapsules for drug detoxification. Biomaterials. 2007 Feb;28(6):1248-57.

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology (ABR) Certified 2016