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Translational Research

Medical Physics

Information about current Medical Physics research projects.

4D Dose Painting

Incorporation of motion-compensated molecular imaging into treatment plans for biologically conformal and motion-compensated RT.

Investigators: Stephen Bowen, Ph.D.,

Patient Safety Research

This is an effort to bring the “science of safety” to bear on clinical processes and improve the quality and safety of care delivered to patients.

Investigators: Eric Ford, Ph.D.,

4D PET/CT-guided RT QA

Design and evaluation of an integrated 4D PET/CT and 4D RT QA workflow using respiratory motion phantoms and dosimeters.

Investigators: Stephen Bowen, Ph.D.,

Monte Carlo Damage Simulation

MC model to generate nucleotide-level maps of clustered DNA lesions, including double strand breaks (DSB), formed by ionizing charged particles.

Investigators: Robert Stewart, Ph.D.,

Decision Theory

Application of Bayesian decision theory to pertinent problems in Radiation Oncology.

Investigators: Mark Phillips, Ph.D.,

Spectral CT Imaging

Evaluating the benefits of spectroscopic imaging in discriminating biological materials

Investigators: Juergen Meyer, Ph.D.,

Experimental Therapy Proton Irradiator

An experimental platform for a highly localized proton beam for radiation biology to test fundamental hypotheses in proton RT.

Investigators: Eric Ford, Ph.D.,

Multiobjective Optimization

Development of multiobjective optimization strategies for radiotherapy plan optimization.

Investigators: Mark Phillips, Ph.D.,

Synthetic Diamond Detectors

Development and application of CVD diamond detectors for radiation dosimetry.

Investigators: Juergen Meyer, Ph.D.,


Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.