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Monte Carlo Excision Repair


Robert Stewart, Ph.D.


Two separate Monte Carlo algorithms are used to simulate the formation and repair of DNA damage. The Monte Carlo damage simulation (MCDS) algorithm is used to predict the initial yield and types of DNA damage formed by ionizing radiation, and the Monte Carlo excision repair (MCER) model is used to simulate repair outcomes, such as correct repair, repair with a mutation (at least one base substitution), and conversion of a clustered damage site into a DSB.

MCER Software Availability

An executable of MCER software (version 2.01, March 2006) is freely available for commercial, educational or research purposes. Inquiries about the MCER program and related software should be directed to Dr. Rob Stewart at

ReadMe.txt file
Executable version of the MCER (2006) for MS Windows and sample files (350 kbyte zip file).
Sample input file (mcer.inp)
Sample output file (mcer.out)
Additional input and output files for selected radiations used in microbeam studies of low-dose radiation biology.

Related Software

Monte Carlo Damage Simulation (MCDS) software. Generates DNA damage configurations for selected low and high-LET radiations.
Virtual Cell (VC) radiobiology software. Damage repair kinetics, cell killing, neoplastic cell transformation and related quantities (e.g., TCP) for any type of exposure scenario, including split-dose experiments, multi-fraction radiation treatments and brachytherapy exposure scenarios.

Funding Sources

Research supported by the Low Dose Radiation Research Program, Biological and Environmental Research (BER), U.S. Department of Energy, Grant Nos. DE-FG02-03ER63541, DE-FG02-03ER63665.