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March 9th 2018

Radiation Oncology Faculty win Cureus: Proton Therapy Publishing Competition

Congratulations to Drs. Smith Apisarnthanarax and Stephen Bowen for winning the 2nd place; and Howard Lee with Drs. Jing Zeng, Stephen Bowen, and Ramesh Rengan for winning the 3rd place on the Cureus’ Proton Therapy Advanced Application for the Most Challenging Cases Publishing Competition!

The Cureus Journal of Medical Sciences hosted its Proton Therapy Advanced Applications for the Most Challenging Cases publishing competition, asking for new publications with innovative proton treatment plans and exceptional clinical results with proton therapy.  The Journal features 3 winning cases, and the authors of these publications receive monetary awards. Through publications, unique clinical findings and techniques are shared with the global community of radiation oncologists, other cancer specialists, medical physicists and patients who can benefit from this experience.

We are pleased to congratulate 5 of our faculty members and one medical student for winning the Cureus awards. Drs. Smith Apisarnthanarax, Stephen Bowen with their publication: Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy with Advanced Planning Techniques in a Challenging Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patient; and student Howard Lee with Drs. Jing Zeng, Stephen Bowen and Ramesh Rengan with their publication: Proton Therapy for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: A Three Case Series Describing the Clinical and Dosimetric Advantages of Proton-Based Therapy.

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