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Stephen Bowen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Graduate School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI

Selected Publications from a Total of 54

Lee E., Zeng J., Miyaoka R. S., Saini J., Kinahan P. E., Sandison G. A., Wong T., Vesselle H. J., Rengan R., Bowen S. R., “Functional lung avoidance and response-adaptive escalation (FLARE) RT: multimodality plan dosimetry of a precision radiation oncology strategy,” Med Phys (2017).

Bowen S. R., Chapman T. R., Borgman J., Miyaoka R. S., Kinahan P. E., Sandison G. A., Vesselle H. J., Nyflot M. J., Apisarnthanarax S., “Measuring total liver function on sulfur colloid SPECT/CT for improved risk stratification and outcome prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma patients,” Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imag Res  (2016).

Nyflot M. J., Yang F., Byrd D., Bowen S. R., Sandison G. A., Kinahan P. E., “Quantitative radiomics: impact of stochastic effects on textural feature analysis and implications for clinical trials,” J Med Imaging 2 (4), (2015).

Bowen S. R., Saini J., Chapman T. R., Miyaoka R. S., Kinahan P. E., Sandison G. A., Wong T., Vesselle H. J., Nyflot M. J., Apisarnthanarax S., “Differential Hepatic Avoidance Radiation Therapy: Proof of Concept in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients,” Radiother Oncol 115 (2), 203-210 (2015).

Bradshaw T. J., Bowen S. R., Deveau M., Kubicek L., White P., Bentzen S. M., Chappell R. J., Forrest L., Jeraj R., “Molecular imaging biomarkers of resistance to radiation therapy in canines with spontaneous nasal tumors,” Int J Rad Oncol Biol Phys 91 (4), 787-95 (2015).

Bradshaw T. J., Bowen S. R., Jallow N., Forrest L., Jeraj R., “Heterogeneity in intratumor correlations of FDG, FLT, and Cu-ATSM PET in canine sarcoma and carcinoma tumors,” J Nucl Med 54 (11), 1931-1937 (2013).

Bowen S. R., Chappell R. J., Bentzen S. M., Deveau M. A., Forrest L, Jeraj R. “Spatially resolved regression of pre-treatment FDG, FLT, and Cu-ATSM PET from post-treatment FDG PET: an exploratory study,” Radiother Oncol 105, 41-48 (2012). 

Bowen S. R., Kogel A. J. van der, Nordsmark M., Bentzen S. M., Jeraj R. “Characterization of PET hypoxia tracer uptake and tissue oxygenation via electrochemical modeling,” Nucl Med Biol 38, 771-780 (2011).

Bowen   S. R., Flynn R. T., Bentzen S. M, Jeraj R. “On the sensitivity of IMRT dose optimization to the mathematical form of a biological imaging-based prescription function,” Phys Med Biol 54, 1483-501 (2009).

Flynn   R. T., Bowen S. R., Bentzen S. M., Mackie T. R., Jeraj R. “Intensity-modulated x-ray (IMXT) versus proton (IMPT) therapy for theragnostic hypoxia-based dose painting,” Phys Med Biol 53, 4153-67 (2008).

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Research Interests

  • Quantitative Molecular Imaging of Cancer and Normal Tissue
  • Dose Painting Based on FDG PET in NSCLC
  • Functional Avoidance Planning of MAA and DTPA SPECT-defined Lung Regions in NSCLS
  • Functional avoidance planning of SC SPECT-defined liver regions in HCC
  • Outcome prediction and risk modeling from quantitative imaging features