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Stephen Bowen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Area(s) of Research Focus:

General: Quantitative molecular imaging of cancer and normal tissue for personalized radiation therapy


  • Machine learning of respiratory patterns for personalized motion management strategies during image acquisition, radiotherapy planning, and radiotherapy delivery
  • Dose painting based on respiratory-gated FDG PET in NSCLC
  • Functional avoidance planning of MAA and DTPA SPECT-defined lung regions in NSCLC
  • Functional avoidance planning of SC SPECT-defined liver regions in HCC

Education and Training

College: University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Graduate School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI

Published Works

Wang, S. R. Bowen, W. A. Chaovalitwongse, G. A. Sandison, T. J. Grabowski, and P. E. Kinahan, “Respiratory trace feature analysis for prediction of respiratory-gated PET quantification,” Phys Med Biol (2014). PMID: 24504153

J. Bradshaw, S. R. Bowen, N. Jallow, L. Forrest, and R. Jeraj, “Intratumor correlations of FDG, FLT, and Cu-ATSM PET in canine sarcoma and carcinoma tumors: implications for dose painting,” J Nucl Med (2013). PMID: 24042031

S. R. Bowen, M. J. Nyflot, M. Gensheimer, K. R. G. Hendrickson, P. E. Kinahan, G. A. Sandison and S. A. Patel, “Challenges and opportunities in patient-specific, motion-managed, and PET/CT-guided radiation therapy of lung cancer: review and perspective,” Clin Trans Med, 1-18 (2012).

S. R. Bowen, R. J. Chappell, S. M. Bentzen, M. A. Deveau, L. Forrest and R. Jeraj, “Spatially resolved multivariate regression of pre-treatment FDG, FLT, and Cu-ATSM PET from post-treatment FDG PET: an exploratory study,” Radiother Onc 105, 41-48 (2012).

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology, Therapeutic Medical Physics certified 2014