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Scott Wilbur, PhD

Emeritus Professor


Area(s) of Research Focus:

  • Development of new reagents for Molecular Radiotherapy
  • Preparation of bioconjugate reagents for collaborations
  • Production of At-211 and At-labeled compounds for collaborations
  • Automation of the Production of At-211
  • Production of high specific activity radionuclides by cyclotron irradiations

Education and Training

College: Portland State University, Portland, OR

Graduate School: University of California, Irvine, CA

Published Works

Orozco J.J., Bäck T., Kenoyer A., Balkin E.R., Hamlin D.K., Wilbur D.S., Fisher D.R., Frayo S.L., Hylarides M.D., Green D.J., Gopal A.K., Press O.W., and Pagel J.M. (2013) Anti-CD45 radioimmunotherapy using an alpha-emitting radionuclide 211At combined with bone marrow transplantation prolongs survival in a disseminated murine leukemia model. Blood 121, 3759-3767. [PMCID: PMC3643772]

Wilbur D.S. (2013) Enigmatic Astatine. Nature Chemistry 5, 246, 2013.

Balkin E.R., Hamlin D.K., Gagnon K., Chyan M.-K., Pal S., Watanabe S. and Wilbur D.S. (2013) Evaluation of a Wet Chemistry Method for Isolation of Cyclotron Produced [211At]Astatine. Applied Sciences 3, 636-655, 2013.

Green D., Orgun N., Jones J., Hylarides M., Pagel J., Hamlin D., Wilbur D.S., Lin Y., Fisher D., Kenoyer A., Frayo S., Gopal A., Orozco J., Gooley T., Wood B., Bensinger W. and Press O. (2013) A preclinical model of CD38-pretargeted radioimmunotherapy for plasma cell malignancies. Cancer Res. 74, 1179-1189, 2014. [PMCID: PMC3970848]

Gott M.D., Ballard B.D., Redman L.N., Maassen J.R., Taylor W.A., Engle J.W., Nortier F.M., Birnbaum E.R., John K.D., Wilbur D.S., Cutler C.S., Ketring A.R., Jurisson S.S. and Fassbender M.E. (2013) Radiochemical Study of Re/W Adsorption Behavior on a Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resin. Radiochimica Acta 102, 325-332, 2014.