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Robert Stewart, PhD

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Graduate School: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Selected Publications form a Total of 48:

Streitmatter SW, Stewart RD, Jenkins PA, Jevremovic T, DNA Double Strand Break (DSB) Induction and Cell Survival in Iodine-Enhanced Computed Tomography (CT). Phys Med Biol. 62, 6164-6184 (2017).

Moffitt GB, Stewart RD, Sandison GA, Goorley JT, Argento DC, Jevremovic T. MCNP6 model of the University of Washington clinical neutron therapy system (CNTS). Phys Med Biol. 61(2):937-957 (2016).

Nikitaki Z, Mavragani IV, Laskaratou DA, Gika V, Moskvin VP, Theofilatos K, Vougas K, Stewart RD, Georgakilas AG6.. Systemic mechanisms and effects of ionizing radiation: A new ‘old’ paradigm of how the bystanders and distant can become the players. Semin Cancer Biol. (2016) pii: S1044-579X(16)30004-9. doi: 0.1016/j.semcancer.2016.02.002.

Stewart RD, Streitmatter SW, Argento DC, Kirkby C, Goorley JT, Moffitt G, Jevremovic T, Sandison GA, Rapid MCNP Simulation of DNA Double Strand Break (DSB) Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) for Photons, Neutrons, and Light Ions. Phys. Med. Biol. 60(21), 8249-8274 (2015).

Kim M, Stewart RD, Phillips MH. A feasibility study: Selection of a personalized radiotherapy fractionation schedule using spatiotemporal optimization. Med Phys. 42(11), 6671-6678 (2015).

Stewart RD, Yu VK, Georgakilas AG, Koumenise C, Park JH, Carlson DJ, Effects of Radiation Quality and Oxygen on Clustered DNA Lesions and Cell Death, Radiat. Res. 176, 587-602 (2011)

Semenenko VA, Stewart RD, Ackerman EJ. Monte Carlo Simulation of Base and Nucleotide Excision Repair of Clustered DNA Damage Sites. I. Model Properties and Predicted Trends. Radiat. Res. 164, 180-193 (2005)

Semenenko VA, Stewart RD. Monte Carlo Simulation of Base and Nucleotide Excision Repair of Clustered DNA Damage Sites. II. Comparisons of Model Predictions to Measured Data. Radiat. Res. 164, 194-201 (2005)

Semenenko VA, Stewart RD. Fast Monte Carlo simulation of DNA damage formed by electrons and light ions. Phys. Med. Biol. 51(7), 1693-1706 (2006)

Semenenko VA, Stewart RD. A Fast Monte Carlo Algorithm to Simulate the Spectrum of DNA Damages Formed by Ionizing Radiation. Radiat. Res. 161, 451-457, (2004)

Research Interests

  • Developing and testing mechanism-inspired biophysical models
  • Multiscale biophysical models in radiation oncology
  • Dosimetric and relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of fast neutrons and light ions