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Patty Sponseller, MS, CMD, RTT (R)(T)

Staff Medical Dosimetrist

Locations of Practice


Throughout her professional career, Patty has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a number of radiation oncologists, medical physicists, medical dosimetrists and radiation therapists. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge to residents, students and those new to radiation oncology.

Patient Care Philosophy

I approach work with a positive attitude and strive to maintain collegial and mutual respect with my coworkers. Recently, I have published cases studies that have been unique to our department with multidisciplinary professionals. I have learned to examine my practice so that I may continue to learn in an academic setting. I am an active participant in our continuous safety improvement program, which is the focus of my current research.

Education and Training

College: Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS 1998

Medical Education: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, (MS Medical Dosimetry), La Crosse, WI 2012

Graduate of Akron Children’s Radiologic Technology Program Akron, Ohio

Graduate of Aultman Hospital Radiation Therapy Program Canton, Ohio


Published Works

Hartvigson P, Kusano A, Nyflot M, Jordan L, Dink T, Sponseller P, Schindler A, Kane G, Ford E. Durable Improvement in Patient Safety Culture Over 5 Years with use of High-Volume Incident Learning System. Pract Radiat Oncol.July;9(4):407-416.

Van Schelt J, Smith D, Fong N, Toomeh D, Sponseller P, Brown D, Macomber M, Mayr N, Patel S, Shulman A, Subrahamanyam G V. Ford E. A Ring-Based Compensator IMRT System Optimized for Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Design and Treatment Planning Study. Medical Physics. (2018) May;45(7):3275-3286.

Das I, Andersen A, Chen Z, Dimofte A, Glatstein E, Hosiak J, Huang L, Lee C, Pacella M, Popple R, Rice R, Smilowitz J, Sponseller P, Zhu T. State of Dose Prescription and Compliance to International Standard (ICRU-83) in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy among Academic Institutions. Pract Radiat Oncol. March; 7(2)145-155.

Mullen T, Nyflot M, Zeng J, Jordan L, Sponseller P, Carlson J, Kane G, Ford E. Interrater reliability of a near-miss risk index for incident learning systems in radiation oncology. Pract Radiat Oncol. (2016) Apr 15 (in press).

Novak A, Nyflot M, Ermoian R, Jordan L, Sponseller P, Kane G, Ford E, Zeng J. Targeting safety improvements through identification of incident origination and detection in a near-miss incident learning system. Med Phys.May;43(5):2053;2016.

Gao W, Nyflot M, Novak A, Sponseller P, Jordan L, Carlson J, Kane G, Zeng J, Ford E. Can emergent treatments result in more severe errors? An analysis of a large institutional near- miss incident reporting database. Pract Radiat Oncol. Sep-Oct;5(5):319-24;2015.

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P Sponseller, Pelly N, Trister A, Ford E, Ermoian R. Radiation treatment for the right naris in a pediatric anesthesia patient using an adaptive oral airway technique. Med Dos.(In press).

A Kusano, M Nyflot, J Zeng, P Sponseller, R Ermoian, L Jordan, J Carlson, A Novak, G Kane, E Ford. A measurable improvement in patient safety: A departmental experience with incident learning. Pract Radiat Oncol.May-Jun;5(3):e229-37;2015.

Board Certification

Board Certification Medical Dosimetry, 1995
American Registry of Radiation Therapists, 1992
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, 1990