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Ning Cao, PhD, DABR

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: Fudan University, Shanghai, China 2004

Graduate School: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 2012

Residency: Medical Physics Residency Program, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2014

Selected Publications from a Total of 20

Meyer J, Stewart RD, Smith D, Eagle J, Lee E, Cao N, Ford E, Hashemian R, Schuemann J, Saini J, Marsh S, Emery R, Dorman E, Schwartz J, Sandison G. Biological and dosimetric characterisation of spatially fractionated proton minibeams. Phys. Med. Biol. Accepted

Kalet A, Richardson HL, Nikolaisen DA, Cao N, Lavilla MA, Dempsey C, Meyer J, Koh WJ, Russell KJ. Dosimetric comparison of single-beam multi-arc and two-beam multi-arc VMAT optimization in the Monaco treatment planning system, Medical Dosimetry. 42(2): 122-125, 2017

Ford E, Emery R, Huff D, Narayanan M, Schwartz J, Cao N, Meyer J, Rengan R, Zeng J, Sandison G, Laramore G and Mayr N. An image-guided precision proton radiation platform for preclinical in vivo research. Phys. Med. Biol. 62: 43–58, 2017

Cao N, Ford EC, Nyflot MJ, Ermoian RP, Pelly NW, Young L, Hendrickson K. TBI Technique Improvements for Anesthetized Pediatric Patients Based on Near-Miss Incident Reporting. International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology. 5: 270-280, 2016

Young LA, Yang F, Cao N, and Meyer J. Rounded leaf end modeling in Pinnacle VMAT treatment planning for fixed jaw linacs. JACMP. 6: 149-162, 2016

Saini J, Cao N,  Bowen SR, Herrera M, Nicewonger D, Wong T and Bloch CD. Clinical Commissioning of a Pencil Beam Scanning Treatment Planning System for Proton Therapy. International Journal of Particle Therapy. 3(1):51-60, 2016

Cao N, Song S, Maleki T, Shaffer M, Stantz KM, Cao M, Kao C, Mendonca MS, Ziaie B, and Ko SC. Radiosensitizing Pancreatic Cancer Xenografts by an Implantable Micro-Oxygen Generator. Radiation Research. 185(4):431-7, 2016

Meyer J, Nyflot MJ, Smith WP, Wootton LS, Young L, Yang F, Kim M, Ford E, Kalet AM, Cao N,  Dempsey C, Sandison GA. Electron Beam Energy QA a Note on Measurement Tolerances. JACMP 17(7):6049-57, 2016

Yang F, Cao N, Young L, Howard J, Logan W, Arbuckle T, Sponseller P, Korssjoen T, Meyer J, and Ford E. Validating FMEA Output against Incident Learning Data: A Study in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Medical Physics, 42(6):2777-85, 2015

Cao N, Cao M, Mendonca M, Chin-Sinex H, Ko S-C, Stantz KM. Monitoring the Effects of Anti-angiogenesis on the Radiation Sensitivity of Pancreatic Cancer Xenografts Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CT. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 88 (2), 412-418, 2014

To see more of Dr. Cao’s publications, please click here.

Research Interests

  • FLASH Proton Therapy: Dosimetry and In Vivo Studies
  • Proton Microbeam: Dosimetry and Biological Effects Study

Clinical interests

  • External Radiation Therapy
  • High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Education Involvement

  • Member of the Medical Physics Residency Steering Committee
  • Supervising Medical Physics Residents, Graduate Students, and AAPM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Recipient

Professional Involvement

  • Member of AAPM Online Learning Services Subcommittee