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Jeffrey Schwartz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Area(s) of Research Focus:

  • Variations in radiation responses in tumors and normal tissues
  • PET-based tracers of tumor response to radiotherapy
  • Development and testing of new radiotherapy-based treatments

Education and Training

College: George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Graduate School: University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, TX

Published Works

A. M. Mikheev, R. Ramakrishna, E.A. Stoll, S.A. Mikheeva, R.P. Beyer, D.A. Plotnik, J.L. Schwartz, J.L. Rockhill, J. R. Silber, D. E. Born, P. J. Horner, and R.C. Rostomily. Increased age of transformed mouse neural progenitor/stem cells recapitulates age-dependent clinical features of human glioma malignancy. Aging Cell 11:1027-1035 (2012). PMC 22958206

M. C. Poirier, J. L. Schwartz, and M. J. Aardema. Achieving Professional Success in US Government, Academia, and Industry: An EMGS Commentary. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (in press)

A. V. Chvetsov , S. Yartsev, J. L. Schwartz and N. Mayr. Assessment of inter-patient heterogeneity in tumor radiosensitivity for non-small cell lung cancer using tumor-volume variation data. Medical Physics (in press)

I. Seth, J.L. Schwartz, R. D. Stewart, R. Emery, M. C. Joiner, and J. D. Tucker. Neutron exposures in human cells: bystander effect and relative biological effectiveness. PLOS One (in press)