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Jeffrey Schwartz, PhD

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Graduate School: University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, TX

Selected Publications from a Total of 162

Ford E, Emery R, Huff D, Narayanan M, Schwartz JL, Cao N, Meyer J, Rengan R, Zeng J, Sandison G, Laramore G, Mayr N. An image-guided precision proton radiation platform for preclinical in vivo research. Phys Med Biol 62:43-58. (2017) PMC: 27973343

Chvetsov AV, Sandison GA, Schwartz JL, Rengan R. Ill-posed problem and regularization in reconstruction of radiobiological parameters from serial tumor imaging data. Phys Med Biol.; 60:8491-8503 (2015). PMC: 26485348

DA Plotnik, Wu S, Linn GR, Yip FCT, Comandante NL, Krohn K, Toyohara J, Schwartz JL. In vitro analysis of transport and metabolism of 4′-thiothymidine in human tumor cells. Nucl Med Biol 42:470-474 (2014)

Seth I, Schwartz JL, Stewart RD, Emery R, Joiner MC, Tucker JD. Neutron exposures in human cells: bystander effect and relative biological effectiveness. PLOS One 9:6 (2014)

Murray D, McBride M, Schwartz JL. Radiation biology in the context of changing patterns of radiotherapy. Radiat Res 182:259-272 (2014).

Plotnik DA, SK Asher, Chu RS, Miyaoka GG, Garwin BW, Johnson T, Li K, Krohn K, Schwartz JL. Levels of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter-1 are higher in proliferating regions of A549 tumor cells grown as tumor xenografts in vivo. Nucl Med Biol 39:1161-1166 (2012). PMC 22985987

Pogosova-Agadjanyan EL, Fan W, Georges GE, Schwartz JL, Kepler CM, Lee H, Suchanek AL, Cronk MR, Brumbaugh A, Engel JH, Yukawa M, Zhao LP, Heimfeld S, Stirewalt DL. Identification of radiation-induced expression changes in nonimmortalized human T cells. Radiat Res 175:172-184 (2011). PMC21268710

Plotnik DA, Emerick LE, Krohn KA, Unadkat JD, Schwartz JL. Different modes of transport for 3H-thymidine, 3H-FLT, and 3H-FMAU in proliferating and nonproliferating human tumor cells. J Nuclear Med 51: 1464-1471 (2010). PMC 20720049

Schwartz JL, Kopecky KJ, Mathes RW, Leisenring WM, Friedman DL, Deeg HJ. Basal Cell Skin Cancer Following Total Body Irradiation and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. Radiat Res 171:155-163 (2009). PMC1926750

Schwartz, JL. Vaughan ATM. Association between DNA/chromosome break rejoining rates, chromatin structure alterations and radiation sensitivity in human tumor cell lines. Cancer Res 49:5054-5057 (1989). PMC2766277