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Jatinder Saini, PhD, MBA

Clinical Professor


Clinical Interests: Novel proton therapy treatment planning and delivery techniques, ocular proton therapy, clinical commissioning and development

Professional Involvement:
Vice-chair of American Association of Physicists (AAPM) Task Group 350
Member of AAPM Task Group 349
Member of AAPM Medical Physics Leadership Academy Subcommittee
Member of AAPM Work Group on Particle Beams
Member of AAPM Investment Advisory
Member of AAPM Medical Physics Licensure and Regulatory Recognition Subcommittee
American College of Radiation Oncology Physics Surveyor

Education and Training

Graduate School: Wayne State University
Business School:
 Foster School of Management/ University of Washington
CARTI, Little Rock, AR

Published Works

  • Maes D, Janson M, Regmi R, Egan A, Rosenfeld A, Bloch C, Wong T, Saini J. “Validation and practical implementation of seated position radiotherapy in a commercial TPS for Proton Therapy”. Phys Med 2020: In Press.
  • Maes D, Bowen SR, Regmi R, Bloch C, Wong T, Rosenfeld A, Saini J. “A machine learning-based framework for delivery error prediction in proton pencil beam scanning using irradiation log-files”. Phys Med. 2020;78:179-86.
  • Tseng, Y.D., Maes, S.M., Kicska, G., Sponsellor, P., Traneus, E., Wong, T., Stewart, R.D., Saini, J. “Comparative photon and proton dosimetry for patients with mediastinal lymphoma in the era of Monte Carlo treatment planning and variable relative biological effectiveness”. Radiat Oncol 14, 243 (2019).
  • D. Maes, R. Regmi, P. Taddei, S. Bowen, C. Bloch, A. Nevitt, E. Leuro, T. Wong, A. Rozenfeld, and J. Saini. “Parametric characterization of penumbra reduction for aperture-collimated pencil beam scanning (PBS) proton therapy”. Biomed. Physics & Eng. Express, 5 (2019) 027003.
  • J. Saini , E. Traneus, D. Meas, R. Regmi, S.R. Bowen, C.D. Bloch and T. Wong. “Advanced Proton Beam Dosimetry Part I: review and performance of dose calculation algorithms.” Transl Lung Cancer Res 2018 Apr; 7(2):171-179.
  • J. Saini , D. Maes, A. Egan, S. R. Bowen, S. St James, M. Janson, T. Wong and C. Bloch (2017). “Dosimetric evaluation of a commercial proton spot scanning Monte-Carlo dose algorithm: comparisons against measurements and simulations.” Phys Med Biol 62(19): 7659-7681.
  • J. Saini , S. R. Bowen, S. St James, T. Wong and C. Bloch (2017). “Evaluation of ceramic marker for the treatment of ocular melanoma with proton therapy.” Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 3 (2017) 027003.
  • J. Saini , Cao, N., Bowen, S.R., Herrera, M., Nicewonger, D., Wong, T., Bloch, C. (2016). Clinical Commissioning of a Pencil Beam Scanning Treatment Planning System for Proton Therapy. International Journal of Particle Therapy. 3(1), 51-60

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology (2013)

Research Interests

Monte Carlo Simulations, Applications of Machine Learning to Proton Therapy, Proton RBE