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Janice Kim, MD

Associate Professor

Locations of Practice


Dr. Kim is a radiation oncologist who specializes in the treatment of breast cancer and is the University of Washington Department of Radiation Oncology program and disease site lead for breast cancer.

Patient Care Philosophy

“I am a board certified radiation oncologist who specializes in the treatment of breast cancer. At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, I offer several different types of radiation therapy techniques, including accelerated partial breast irradiation and other protocol options. I believe each breast cancer patient is unique and therefore deserves a thorough and individualized discussion of radiation treatments in order to make a definitive decision.”

Education and Training

College: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 1995

Medical Education: Chicago Medical School, North Chicago, IL, 2001

Residency: Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH, 2006

Selected Publications from a Total of 10

Spraker M B, Francis C E, Korde L, Kim J, Halasz L. (June 28, 2017) Solitary Orbital Metastasis 35 Years after a Diagnosis of Lobular Carcinoma in Situ. Cureus 9(6): e1404. doi:10.7759/cureus.1404

Loiselle C, Eby PR, Kim JN, Calhoun K, Allison KH, Gadi VK, Peacock S, Storer BE, Mankoff DA, Partridge SC, Lehman CD. Preoperative MRI Improves Prediction of Extensive Occult Axillary Lymph Node Metastases in Breast Cancer Patients with a Positive Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy. Acad Radiology. 2014 Jan:1(21):92-98 PMID: 24331270

Chen WC, Kim J, Kim E, Silverman P, Overmoyer B, Cooper BW, Anthony S, Shenk R, Leeming R, Hanks SH, Lyons JA. A phase II study of radiotherapy and concurrent paclitaxel chemotherapy in Breast-Conserving Treatment for Node-Positive Breast Cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2012 Jan 1;82(1):14-20

Loiselle CR, Eby PR, Peacock S, Kim JN, Lehman CD. Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and invasive breast cancer: primary lesion kinetics correlated with axillary lymph node extracapsular extension. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2011 Jan;33(1):96-101 PMID: 21182126

Loiselle CR, Eby PR, Peacock S, Kim JN, Lehman CD. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI kinetics of invasive breast cancer: a potential prognostic marker for radiation therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2010 Apr;76(5):1314-9. Epub 2009 Jul 13. PMID: 19604652

Kim JN, Kim EY. Can We Simplify a 3D World? Breast Diseases: A Year Book Quarterly 2009;20(3):322

Kim JN, Wang W, Anderson BO. The Current Paradigm for Breast Irradiation: The Case for Treating the Whole Breast over Six Weeks. Seminars in Breast Disease: Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Oncology, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Surgery. 2007 March:10(1):5-8

Taira AV, Swedler D, Young L, Arbuckle T, Wang W, Kim J. Learning curve in multi-catheter partial breast irradiation. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2007 Nov;69(3):S320.

To see more of Dr. Kim’s publications, please click here.

Cancer Specialties

Metastatic Cancer Breast Cancer

Research Interests

  • Role of systemic targeted therapies with concurrent radiation for locally advanced breast cancer.
  • Alternative fractionation schedules for the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Locoregional therapies after neoadjuvant therapy for node positive patients.
  • The role of imaging and other diagnostics in guiding radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment.
  • Late effects of radiotherapy in breast cancer patients.

Professional Involvement

  • RSNA
  • SWOG
  • NRG