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Ira Kalet, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Education and Training

College: Cornell University, B.A. 1965

Graduate School: Princeton University, Ph.D. 1968

Adjunct Professor: Computer Science and Engineering, Biological Structure, Biomedical Informatics

Director, Security and Networking: UW Medicine Information Technology Services, 2005-2010


Selected Published Works

“Principles of Biomedical Informatics”, October 2008, Academic Press/Elsevier. The book web page includes a link to all the code from the book, and other information as well.

Rockne, R., Rockhill, J.K., Mrugala, M., Spence, A.M., Kalet, I., Hendrickson, K., Lai, A., Cloughesy, T., Alvord Jr., E.C., and Swanson, K.R. Predicting efficacy of radiotherapy in individual glioblastoma patients in vivo: a mathematical modeling approach. Physics in Medicine and Biology, in press, 2010.

Overby, C., Biot, M., Tarczy-Hornoch, P., Hoath, J., Kalet, I., and Veenstra, D. Feasibility of Incorporating Genomic Knowledge Into Electronic Medical Records for Pharmacogenomic Clinical Decision Support. BMC Bioinformatics, in press, 2010

Smith, W.P., Doctor, J., Meyer, J, Kalet, I.J., and Phillips, M.H.. A Decision Aid for IMRT Plan Selection in Prostate Cancer Based on a Prognostic Bayesian Network and Markov Model. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, volume 46, number 2, pp. 119–130, June, 2009

Kalet, I.J., Mejino, J.L. Wang, V., Whipple, M., Brinkley, J.F. Content-Specific Auditing of a Large Scale Anatomy Ontology. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, volume 42, number 3, pp. 540–549, June, 2009

Meyer, J., Phillips, M.H., Cho, P.S., Kalet, I.J., and Doctor, J.N. Application of Influence Diagrams to Prostate IMRT Plan Selection. Physics in Medicine and Biology, volume 49, number 9, pp. 1637–1653, 2004

Kalet, I.J., Giansiracusa, R., Jacky, J., and Avitan, D. A Declarative Implementation of the DICOM-3 Network Protocol. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, volume 36, number 3, pp. 159–176, 2003

Young, L.A., Kalet, I.J., Rasey, J.S. and Nelson, J.A. 125 I Brachytherapy K-edge Dose Enhancement with AgTPPS 4 . Medical Physics, volume 25, number 5, pp. 709–718, 1998


Research Interests

  • SLIK (Simple Lisp Interface Kit), a library of user interface widgets and control mechanisms, written in Common Lisp and using the X window system through CLX
  • Prism system, interactive computer graphic simulation for design of radiation treatments for cancer, using advanced software development methodology
  • Clinical Target Volume project, which aims to create and refine a predictive model of tumor dissemination for the purpose of defining regions for treatment of cancer with radiation therapy
  • Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools (RTPT) project, completed in 1994, was a collaborative working group to develop a “plug-in” framework for radiotherapy treatment planning systems and add-in tools