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George Sandison, PhD, FCCPM, FAAPM

Professor, Medical Physics

Education and Training

College: University of Manchester, Manchester, England

Graduate School: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Selected Publications from a Total of 95

Stewart RD, Streitmatter SW, Argento DC, Kirkby C, Goorley JT, Moffitt G, Jevremovic, T and Sandison GA Rapid MCNP Simulation of DNA Double Strand Break (DSB) Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) for Photons, Neutrons, and Light Ions Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2015 Oct; 60(21): 8249-8274 (First published in on-line advanced access, at )

Bowen, S.R., Nyflot, N.J., Hermann, C., Groh, C., Do, J., Meyer, J., Wollenweber, S.D., Stearns, C.W., Kinahan, P.E. and Sandison, G.A. Patient-specific imaging and dosimetric errors in 4D PET/CT-guided radiotherapy: a dynamic motion phantom end-to-end study Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2015 May 7;60(9): 3731-3746 (

Zhao, L., Sandison, G.A., Farr, J., His, W-C, and Li., X.A. Dosimetric impact of intrafraction motion for compensator based proton therapy of lung cancer. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2008 June 3; 53 (12): 3343-3364. (DOI:

Mesoloras, G., Sandison, G.A., Stewart, R.D., Farr, J.B. and His, W-C. Neutron scattered dose equivalent to the fetus from proton radiotherapy of the mother. Medical Physics, 2006 Jul; 33(7): 2479-2490

Lee, T-K., and Sandison, G.A. The energy dependent electron loss model: Backscattering and application to heterogeneous slab media. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2003 Jan 8; 48(2):259-273

Sandison, G.A., and Chvetsov A.S. Proton loss model for therapeutic beam dose calculations. Medical Physics, 2000 Sep; 27(9): 2133-2145

Sandison, G.A., Loye, P., Rewcastle, J.C., Hahn, L.J., Saliken, J.C., McKinnon, J.G. and Donnelly, B.J. X-ray CT monitoring of iceball growth and thermal distribution during cryosurgery Physics in Medicine and Biology, 1998; 43(11); 3309-3324

Ning, X., Papiez, L., and Sandison, G.A. A compound Poisson process method for the multiple scattering of charged particles. Physical Review E, 1995 Nov; 52 (5): 5621-5633

Sandison, G., Papiez, L., and Tulovsky, V. Yang’s model of charged particle scattering with energy loss. Physical Review E, 1994 May; 49(5): 4696-4699

Sandison, G.A. and Papiez, L. Dose Computation Applications of the Electron Loss Model Physics in Medicine and Biology, 1990 July; 35(7), 979-997

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Research Interests

  • Radiation promotion of anti-tumor immune response and normal tissue repair
  • Radiation Transport Theory for Dose and RBE Computation
  • Radiation Therapy Motion Management and Quantitative Imaging Analysis


Clinical interests

  • Advancement of the neutron therapy
  • Radiation Dosimetry


Education Involvement

  • Mentor of treatment planning rotation


Professional Involvement

  • AAPM Education Council member
  • AAPM Public Education Committee chair
  • AAPM Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program member
  • AAPM Regional Organization Outreach Subcommittee member
  • AAPM Working Group on Task Group Review Streamlining