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Eric Ford, Ph.D.



Area(s) of Research Focus:

  • Improving quality and safety of patient treatments
  • Experimental radiobiology using novel x-ray and proton irradiation devices

Education and Training

College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, MA

Graduate School: Columbia University, New York, NY

Published Works

Terezakis, S.A., Harris, K.M., Ford, E., Michalski, J., DeWeese, T., Santanam, L., Mutic, S., Gay, H., An Evaluation of Departmental Radiation Oncology Incident Reports: Anticipating a National Reporting System, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 2013; 85(4), 919-923.

Redmond, K.J., Mahone, E.M., Terezakis, S., Ishaq, O., Ford, E., McNutt, T., Kleinberg, L., Cohen, K.J., Wharam, M., Horska, A., Association Between Radiation Dose to Neuronal Progenitor Cell Niches and Temporal Lobs and Performance on Neuropsychological Testing in Children: a Prospective Study, Neuro-Oncology, 2013; 15(3): 360-369.

Yovino, S., Grossman, S., Kleinberg, L. Narayanan, M., Redmond, K., Ford, E., The Etiology of Treatment-Related Lymphopenia in Patients with Malignant Gliomas: Modeling Radiation Dose to Circulating Lymphocytes Explains Clinical Observations and Suggests Methods of Modifying the Impact of Radiation on Immune Cells, Cancer Investigation, 2013; 31:140-144.

de Souza Lawrence, L., Ford, E., Gilbert, C., Yarmus, L., Meneshian, A., Feller-Kopman, D., Hales, R., Novel applications of an injectable radio-opaque hydrogel tissue marker for management of thoracic malignancies, Chest, 2013; 143(6), 1635-1641.

Yang, Y., Ford, E.C., Wu, B., Pinkawa, M., van Triest, B., Campbell, P., Song, D.Y., McNutt, T.R., An Overlap-Volume-Histogram Based Method for Rectal Dose Prediction and Automated Treatment Planning in the External Beam Prostate Radiotherapy Following Hydrogel Injection, Med Phys, 2013; 40(1), 011709-1-10

Song, D.Y., Herfath, K.K, Uhl, M., Eble, M.J., Pinkawa, M., van Triest, B., Kalisvaart, R., Weber, D.C., Miralbell, R., DeWeese, T.L., Ford, E., A multi-institutional clinical trial of rectal dose reduction via injected polyethylene-glycol hydrogel during IMRT for prostate cancer: Analysis of dosimetric outcomes, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 2013; 87(1), 81-87.

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology, Therapeutic Medical Physics certified 2003