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Angelia Landers, PhD

Assistant Professor

Education and Training

College: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Graduate School: University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Residency: Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Publications

  • Evaluation of Elements SpineSRS plan quality for SRS and SBRT treatment of spine metastases. Trager M, Landers A, Yu Y, Shi W, and Liu H. (2020). Frontiers in Oncology.
  • Technical Note: Robust individual Thermoluminescence dosimeter tracking using optical fingerprinting. Shang D, Gu W, Landers A, Woods K, Yu VY, Neph R, Tenn S, and Sheng K. (2019). Medical Physics, 47(1), 267-271.
  • Automated 4π Radiotherapy Treatment Planning with Evolving Knowledge Base Landers A, O’Connor D, Ruan D, and Sheng K. (2019). Medical Physics, 46(9), 3833-3843.
  • Performance Comparison of Knowledge-Based Dose Prediction Techniques Based on Limited Patient Data. Landers A, Neph R, Scalzo F, Ruan D, and Sheng K. (2018). Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment.
  • A Prospective 4π Radiotherapy Clinical Trial in Recurrent High Grade Glioma Patients. Yu VY, Landers A, Woods K, Nguyen D, Cao M, Du D, Chin RK, Sheng K, and Kaprealian TB. (2017). International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 101(1), 144-151.
  • Predicting liver SBRT eligibility and plan quality for VMAT and 4π plans. Tran A, Woods K, Nguyen D, Yu VY, Niu T, Cao M, Lee P, and Sheng K. (2017). Radiation Oncology, 12(1), 70.
  • Treatment planning comparison of IMPT, VMAT, and 4π radiotherapy for prostate cases. Tran A, Zhang J, Woods K, Yu VY, Nguyen D, Gustafson G, Rosen L, and Sheng K. (2017). Radiation Oncology, 12(1), 10.
  • Viability of non-coplanar VMAT for liver SBRT as compared to coplanar VMAT and beam orientation optimized 4π IMRT. Woods K, Nguyen D, Tran A, Yu VY, Cao M, Niu T, Lee P, and Sheng K. (2016). Advances in Radiation Oncology, 1(1), 67-75.
  • The development and verification of a highly accurate collision prediction model for automated noncoplanar plan delivery. Yu VY, Tran A, Nguyen D, Cao M, Ruan D, Low DA, and Sheng K. (2015). Medical physics, 42(11), 6457-6467.

Research Interests

  • Machine learning in radiation therapy
  • Knowledge-based treatment planning
  • Image-guided radiation therapy

Educational Involvement

  • Medical physics residency steering committee

Clinical Interests

  • HDR brachytherapy
  • Process streamlining and automation