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Alexei V Chvetsov, PhD, DABR, MCCPM

Associate Professor

Education and Training

College: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia

Graduate School: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia

Selected Publications

AV Chvetsov, RD Stewart, M Kim, J Meyer, R Rengan. Volume effects in the TCP for hypoxic and oxygenated tumors. Medical Physics 47: (May 2020).

AV Chvetsov, J Zeng, JG Rajendran. Volume dependence in hypoxia-targeted dose escalation. Medical Physics 45 (11): 5325-5331 (2018).

AV Chvetsov, JG Rajendran, J Zeng, SA Patel, SR Bowen, EY Kim. Theoretical effectiveness of cell survival in fractionated radiotherapy with hypoxia-targeted dose escalation. Medical Physics 44(5):1975-1982 (2017).

AV Chvetsov, GA Sandison, JL Schwartz, R Rengan. Ill-posed problem and regularization in reconstruction of radiobiological parameters from serial tumor imaging data. Physics in Medicine and Biology 60(21): 8491-8503 (2015).

B.J. Allen, A.V. Chvetsov, C.G. Orton. Systemic alpha-particles are likely to yield more important advances in radiotherapy than are protons, Medical Physics 42(7):3785-3787 (2015)

AV Chvetsov, S. Yartsev, JL Schwartz, N Mayr. Assessment of inter-patient variation in tumor radisensitivity for non-small cell lung cancer using tumor-volume variation data. Medical Physics 41(6): 064101-1-10 (2014)

AV Chvetsov. Tumor response parameters for head and neck cancer derived from tumor volume variation during radiation therapy Medical Physics 40(3): 034101-1-8 (2013)

Kamath, WY Song, A. Chvetsov, S Ozawa, H Lu, S Samant, C Liu, JG Li, JR Palta. An image quality comparison study between XVI and OBI CBCT systems. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 12(2): 376-390 (2011).

Shi, J. Li, R. Zlotecki, A. Yeung, H. Newlin, J. Palta, C Liu, A Chvetsov, and K Oliver. Evaluation of KV cone-beam CT performance for prostate IGRT: A comparison of automatic alignment methods to implanted fiducial-marker alignment American Journal of Clinical Oncology 34(1): 16-21 (2011)

AV Chvetsov, LS Page. Influence of CT image noise on proton range calculations in radiotherapy planning. Physics in Medicine and Biology 55: N141-N149 (2010)

A Yeung, J Li, W Shi, H Newlin, C Morris, S Samant, A Saito, A Chvetsov, C Liu, J Palta, K Oliver. Optimal image guidance scenario with cone-beam CT in conventionally fractionated radiotherapy for lung tumors. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 33(3): 276-280 (2010)

AV Chvetsov, L Dong, JR Palta, and R Amdur. Tumor-volume simulation during radiotherapy for head-and-neck cancer using a four-level cell population model International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 75(2) 595-602 (2009)

Research Interests

  • Modelling and optimization of treatment outcomes
  • Treatment response assessment
  • Proton therapy

Clinical interests

  • Image-guided radiotherapy
  • Cone-beam CT
  • Brachytherapy (Prostate implants, Eye Plaques, Brain implants)

Education Involvement

  • Rotation mentor, Radiotherapy Equipment

Professional Involvement

  • Board of Associate Editors for Medical Physics
  • AAPM Task Group 202 “Physical uncertainties in the planning and delivery of light ion beam treatments”