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Kathryn (Molly) Havard Blau, MD, MS


Molly Blau grew up in Visalia, California. She studied Human Biology with a focus in Biochemical Threats at Stanford, then stayed to complete a two-year research fellowship in Biomedical Ethics. She obtained a Masters degree from Georgetown University, completed medical school at the University of Cincinnati, then stayed in Cincinnati for her Internship. Her academic interests include medical education, quality & safety, and pediatrics. When not at work she enjoys hosting dinner parties, weekend getaways in the PNW, and spending afternoons in any of Seattle’s phenomenal parks.


Education and Training

College: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA; Human Biology, concentration in Biochemical Threats

Graduate School: Georgetown University, Washington, DC; Physiology & Biophysics

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH

Published works

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