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Da Wang, PhD

Education and Training

College: Peking University, China; BS Physics

Graduate School: University of California, Los Angeles, CA; Biomedical Physics

Published works

Da Wang, Aichi Chien, Jiaxin Shao, Fadil Abbas Ali, Peng Hu, Accelerated Phase-Contrast MRI using Hybrid One- and Two-sided Flow-Encodings Only (HOTFEO), NMR in Biomedicine (2018): e3904

Da Wang, Jiaxin Shao, Daniel B. Ennis, Peng Hu, Phase-Contrast MRI with Hybrid One- and Two-sided Flow-Encoding and Velocity Spectrum Separation, MRM, 2017; 78(1):182-192

Da Wang, Jiaxin Shao, Stanislas Rapacchi, Matthew J. Middione, Daniel B. Ennis, Peng Hu, Phase contrast MRI with flow compensation view sharing, MRM, 2015; 73:505-513

Da Wang, Shang-lian Bao, Parallel magnetic resonance image technology of GRAPPA-SENSE. Chinese Journal Medical Imaging Technology, 2011; Vol 27, No 8: 14-19