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Bing-Hao Chiang, PhD

Education and Training

College: Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan; Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences

Graduate School: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK; Medical Physics

Published works

Chiang, B. H., Bunker, A., Jin, H., Ahmad, S., & Chen, Y. (2021). Developing a Monte Carlo model for MEVION S250i with HYPERSCAN and Adaptive Aperture™ pencil beam scanning proton therapy system. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, 20(3), 279-286.

Chiang, B. H., Schnell, E., Hibbitts, K., Herman, T., & Ahmad, S. (2020). Dosimetric analysis and comparison of volumetric-modulated arc therapy versus intensity-modulated radiation therapy for liver carcinoma. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, 1-3.

Chiang, B. H., Chen, Y., MacDurmon, G., & Ahmad, S. (2020). Quantitative assessment of the production of radioactive materials by the Mevion S250i Hyperscan proton therapy system: a year-long survey. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, 1-4.

Chiang, B. H., Hibbitts, K., Ortega, H., Herman, T., & Ahmad, S. (2020). Dosimetric comparison of volumetric modulated arc therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy for anal cancer. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, 19(2), 190-192.

Chen, S. K., Chiang, B. H., Lee, C. C., Tung, C. J., Hong, J. H., & Chao, T. C. (2017). The impact of MCS models and EFAC values on the dose simulation for a proton pencil beam. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 137, 29-32.

Lee, C. C., Lee, Y. J., Chen, S. K., Chiang, B. H., Tung, C. J., & Chao, T. C. (2015). MCNPX simulation of proton dose distributions in a water phantom. Biomedical journal, 38(5).

Wan, Y. L., Tai, D. I., Ma, H. Y., Chiang, B. H., Chen, C. K., & Tsui, P. H. (2015). Effects of fatty infiltration in human livers on the backscattered statistics of ultrasound imaging. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 229(6), 419-428.