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A Message from the Chair

I am delighted to welcome you...

to the University of Washington’s Department of Radiation Oncology. I invite you to explore the many facets of our department—including our nationally and internationally respected physicians and faculty, the breadth of our radiation oncology therapy programs, our highly regarded education programs and our exciting research endeavors that include translational and clinical research.

The three pillars of our department are our unwavering commitment to delivering to highest level, compassionate patients care to; the education of future radiation oncology professionals, and the advancement of new discoveries in cancer treatment through innovative research.

Embracing collaboration, accessibility, education, and cutting-edge technologies, we are 100% committed to delivering advanced leading-edge, personalized care to our patients and affording them the best possible outcomes. Our patient satisfaction scores are some of the highest in the nation.

Our treatment facilities make the widest and most comprehensive types of radiation therapies worldwide available to our patients. In addition to the commonly used x-ray (photon) therapy, we are the only center in North America that provides the two major types of particle therapies: proton therapy and neutron therapy. This allows us to choose and combine these unique therapies tailored to our patients’ needs. We strive to be your choice because we are the best. Should you or your loved one ever require radiation therapy, we hope you will consider the University of Washington as your first choice.

Our two accredited residency programs — Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics — attract the best and the brightest. Many graduates of our programs go on to distinguished careers and become leaders in their respective fields as a result of the comprehensive medical and scientific education they receive in our Department and UW Medicine. I am very proud of the contributions our faculty and staff have made to the rapidly-advancing field of radiation oncology.

Through their ongoing participation in national clinical trials and through bench scientific endeavors, researchers in our department have developed new approaches to radiation oncology and are highly regarded by the scientific community as innovators and collaborators. Because of our many different treatment facilities and technologies, our patients have numerous opportunities to participate in clinical trials for many different cancer types. These studies pave the way to new treatments for current and future patients.

Whether you are an established patient with us, are seeking care, or are potential student, resident or fellow, or interested in our research, please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can provide you with more information about our department.

Nina Mayr, M.D., FASTRO, FAAAS

Professor and Chair

Dr. Mayr joined the department as its chair in June 2013. Prior to coming to the University of Washington, Dr. Mayr served as professor and chair of the radiation oncology department at The Ohio State University.

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