Red Journal Top 20 ASTRO Reviewer: Dr Andrew Barbour

We would like to take time to congratulate Andrew Barbour, MD, PhD, on being a Top 20 Outstanding Reviewer for the Red Journal. Amongst the Red Journal Top Reviewer list, the Top 20 Outstanding Reviewers have excelled in every aspect of peer review this past year! They hit top 10-20% of performance across the board. Top performance includes volume of service, timeliness, and excellence of review quality as objectively scored by the editors.

More information about the Red Journal Top Reviewers can be found at the link below. The article is titled “High-Quality Science and the People Who Make It: Red Journal Outstanding Reviewers of 2022”.

Red Journal | Editorial | Volume 117, Issue 3, P532, November 01, 2023.


Our congratulations to Dr. Barbour for the dedicated work this past year!

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